Introduction & Chapter 1 1.What is a relational Database?What are the components of the relational model? 2.What is ER modeling ? what are the key components of ER modeling? 3.Write down the capabilities of SQL select statement? 4.What are NULL values? 5.What are the rules of arithmetic operator precedence?

Chapter  2

1.Write down the comparison operators used in SQL? 2.Write down the logical operators used in SQL? 3.Write down the rules of operator precedence? 4.Create truth table to shows results of combining  two expressions with AND? 5.Create truth table to shows results of combining  two expressions with OR?

Chapter 3

1.What are uses of SQL functions? 2.Write the names of general functions that works with any data type? 3.What is NVL functions? 4.What is  a single row SQL function?Mention their names. 5.What is a character functions? Write down the type of character functions?

Chapter 4

1.Distinguish between single row and multiple row group functions? 2.What is group functions ? Write down the types of group functions? 3.What is the use of group by clause? 4.What are the quid line of using group by clause? 5.What are the steps oracle server perform when you use the HAVING clause ? 6.What are the illegal points in using group functions?

Chapter 5

1.Write down the joins are compliant with the SQL :1999 standard?

Chapter 6

1.What are the guidelines for using sub queries? 2.What is a single row and multiple row sub query ?

Chapter 7

1.What is the functions of SET  operator ? Write down the name of SET operators? 2.What are the quidelines of using UNION operator? 3.What are the quidelines of using INTERSECT  operator? 4.What are the quidelines of using MINUS operator?

Chapter 9

1.What are the database objects available in oracle 10g database? 2.What are the naming rules any oracle database objects? 3.List the data types that are available for column in oracle 10g? 4.Define constraints.What are the types of constraints valid in oracle 10g?

Chapter 10

1.What is a view ? What are the advantage of view? 2.What is a sequence?


Chapter 1

1.Define schema? 2.What do you mean by system privileges?Give 4 examples. 3.What do you mean by object  privileges?Give 4 examples.

Chapter 2

1.What are the quideline for adding  a new column in a table ? 2..What are the quideline for modifying  an existing  column in a table ? 3..What are the quideline for drooping a column in a table ? 4What are the functions of using ALTER table statement? 5.What is CASCADING constraint?

Chapter 3

1.Define inline view ? 2.Write the varies types of multi table insert statement?

Chapter 4

1.What do you understand by composit column?

Chapter 6

1.What is scalar sub-query ? 2.What is correlated sub-query?