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In This Post I Will Describe Complete Method to Change Product Keys in Windows .

In Many Times We Have Product Key But We Don’t Know The Method For Change It. So We try To Search In Google But They We Don’t Get Perfect Method For It. In Many Website They Give Us Software For Change Product Key But We Have Direct Method For It.So Let’s Start. .

See Tutorial Step by Step….

Step 1 :- Open Cmd Then type ‘regedit’ (Without Quotation).You Will See One Window Like This Press Yes Open It.

Step 2:- See This Path Carefully

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version

Step 3:- Then See In Right Side Find “ProductId”. Double Click On It.

Step 4:- You Will See Your Product Key Then In This Bar You Can Change YourProduct Key. See Below as write product id to


This trick will free up your RAM instantly and will speed up your computer in seconds.
You may recognize that your system gets slower and slower when playing and working a lot with your pc. That’s cause your RAM is full of remaining progress pieces you do not need any more.


  • Open Notepad
  • Copy the given below code and paste it in that notepad file.
  • Save it as Free Ram.vbs
  • Double click on that file. It will free up your RAM within a second.


Of course you can edit the code in the file for a greater “cleaning-progress”.


Have Fun…  🙂