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Hi  Friend,

I have faced to a problem that i couldn’t edit in OS drive(‘c’ drive).But finally i able to solved this problem like billow:

When I try to copy to copy, delete or even edit a file in my non-system drive, Windows will ask for administrator permissions:

Folder Access Denied

I don’t want to disable the User Account Control (UAC), rather make it work just like Windows 7. That is, require administrator rights only when handling system files in the C: drive.

Step>>>>Open run >>regedit>>

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>Right side Duble Click to
EnablelUa Then Its value set to ‘0’.
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Connecting Oracle with MS-Access

MS-Access   and Oracle 10g Release  are used to illustrate the concepts. However, this procedure should work with Oracle 8i, 9i ,10g and upper databases, as well as various versions of MS-Access.

Step 1: Prepare the MS-Access environment

If you do not have a MS-Access environment, start by installing the required software and create a PubEvent table.

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