1. What are the advantages of E- commerce?
1. Service available 24/7.
2. Large stock range.
3. Detailed product information.
4. Ability to compare price.
2. What does Information and Communication Technology (ICT)mean?
Ans:-ICT stands for information and communication Technology. In the Australasia region the term IT & T is often used Instead of ICT. This stands for information technology and telecommunications.
3. How can you protect against computer virus infection?
Ans:-Viruses are small program which hide themselves on disk.
a. By updating Antivirus Software.
b. No connect to local area network without virus protection.
4. How can you view your computer’s details?
Ans:-Start → Control panel → System and maintenance → Welcome center → View computer details.
5. What are folders in Microsoft Windows?
Ans:-Files are Stored on a disk in Folder. A Folder is a container on a disk where files can be stored.
6. What is the Recycle bin? What are the uses of Recycle Bin?
Ans:-The Recycle bin is a Desktop Icon which contains files which have been deleted recently.
Uses of recycle bin:
• Restore files and folders from the recycle bin.
• Empty recycle bin to delete data (You will be lost all data forever).
7. What does updating anti-virus programs’ mean?
Ans:-The majority of new antivirus programs enable users to update their antivirus program through the software. Open the Virus program and look for “Update”, “Check for updates”, “Live Update”, or something similar. It means the antivirus will detect new viruses if it is updated.
8. How can you replace multiple wrong with correct ones at a time in MS Word?
Ans:- 1.Open the a data file ms office.
2. Key shortcut (Ctrl + H) and open the Find Replace dialog box.
3. Find what→ section type wrong word.
4. Replace with → section type correct word.
5. Click the Replace All.
9. Write down the keyboard shortcuts for the following functions:-
a) Making fonts bold:
b) Making fonts underlines:
c) Making fonts italic:
d) Increasing font size:
e) Making a paragraph right –aligned:
a) Ctrl + B
b) Ctrl + U
c) Ctrl + I
d) Ctrl + Shift + > or Ctrl+ ]
e) Ctrl + R

10. What is the procedure of inserting Symbols in an MS Word document?
Ans: 1.Open the MS Word → Click the Insert tab →Click Symbols and select “more symbols” →Select desired symbols and click Insert button.
11. How can you add automatic page numbering in the header of an Ms Word document?
Ans: You can insert automatic page numbering into a tab and from header &footer. Click on the insert tab and from the header and footer section click on the header icon.
12. What is a sorting? How can you sort a cell range in Ms excel?
Ans: Sorting arrange the data within a table into Alphabetical or numerical order. Ex: book, address are sorted alphabetically from A-Z and calendar are sorted by data order.
13. What is a function in Ms Excel? What function is used for counting the number?
Ans: A function allows you to calculate a result such as adding numbers together or finding the average of a range of numbers.
Count function: The count function will count up the number of cells which contain number. Ex =COUNT(A1:A5)
14.How can you select a range of cells not next to each other ?
An : Sometimes we need to select multiple cells that are not next to each other. To do this click on the first cell, i.e.C3 then while keeping the ctrl key pressed click on the cell G3.
15.How can you rename a worksheet ?
Ans : You can rename a worksheet at bottom left corner of excel window and write down new name than press enter.
16.What is the advantage of using index in your database.
Ans: Access uses indexes much like the table of contents of the beginning of this course ,to help locate and sort information quickly. An index stores the location of records based on the field or fields we chose to index.
17. How can you create a ms access form?
Ans: We can create a form in Ms access by clicking “Forms” Group Within create tab.
18. Describe the “One –to- many relationships” in Ms Access?
Ans: one-to-many relationships occur when each record in table A may have linked record in table B. For example , the relationship between a Teacher table and student tables in an elementary school database.
19. What is the use of design view in Ms access?
Ans: Design View displays the working behind the object such as field name , data type and properties.
20. What is the slide show View in Ms power point?
Ans: The slide show view fill the whole screen and we can advance to the next slide by clicking the mouse button. It is the view that is used for presentation.
21. What is slide Master?
Answer: Slide master contain underlying content and formatting information used by a slide within a presentation. We can easily edit slide master.
22. How can you insert dates into the footer in the power point presentation?
Answer: To insert the date into the footer 1st click on the insert tab and from within the text section. Next click on the Header & footer button. Then this will display the Header & Footer dialog box. Click on the Date & time chick box. The date & time option will be activated.
23. What are Web sites & URL(s)?
Answer: Web sites: A web site is a simply a group of file and folders which are stored on a WWW server and which can be freely accessed by people(s) “surfing the Web”. For instance Microsoft has Web site is www. Microsoft.com etc.
URLs: The address of a Web site is given but something called its URL (Uniform resource locator)
24. What is a Firewall?
Answer: A firewall is a system that secures our network from access by unauthorized users and a firewall is consists of software & hardware protection against invasion via the Internet.
25. What is the Spam or Unsolicited email?
Answer: Spam is one kind of unwanted E-mail(s). We should be very careful about entering our E-mail address forms on web sites which is not familiar with us. We may later get unsolicited E-mail (called spam) from the web site.
26: What is the different between “operating system” & “Application software”?
Answer: Operating system: operating system works closely with the hardware that we have in-stalled within our computer. If interprets input via the mouse or keyboard & output data to the screen. Ex. LINUX, UNIX, WINDOWS XP.
Application software: The Application software sits above the operating system, and makes us of the functionally built into the operating system. They are specific to a particular task. For instance Microsoft Word is designed as a word processing program. Ex. MS Office.
27: What does ‘data protection & privacy issues’ mean?
Ans: It means that individual’s information should be sensitive and private. The information should not be abused. This right is ensured under data protection law. The information about individuals has to be treated with respect.
28: What do you know about password policy?
Answer: It is important to choose a password which cannot be easily guessed by other people. Some important policies are
• Password should be eight character
• Mixture of word & character
• Never share our password
• Should be change our password after specific time
29: What dose ‘Drag & Drop’ mean?
Answer: The concept of selecting an item and then moving it while keeping the mouse button pressed is often called ‘dragging’ or ‘Drag and drop’. It is called because we drag an item from the old location, and drop it at the new location.
30 .How can you customize your Desktop?
Ans: We can customize our desktop from start->control panel->personalization. We can select wallpaper, resolution, screen server etc.
31. Discuss about various types of drives?
Ans: Floppy Disk Drives, CD /DVD-ROM Drives, PATA Hard Drives, Zip Drives, Flash Drives, SATA Hard Drives.
Hard Disk Drives: When you save data it is normally saved to the hard disk
CD/DVD-ROM Drives: These have largely replaced diskettes as a way of supplying programs. They can hold a lot more data.
Flash Drives: It is a small chip often called Memory stick as it is sometimes like.
These drives can hold up to 256GB of data
Zip Drives: These are compressed file. You compress file to save disk space or to make them smaller when you send them via an email attachment.
32. How can you use disk files Searching Option to search on your hard?
Ans: we can search a file based file name, file size and file creation and modification date. We can also use wildcards to search a file.
33. What are the uses of Header and Footer in MS Word?
Ans: Header and footer are used to add common attributes of a file such as page number, date/time, filename with path, module name, section name, author name etc.
34. How can you correct the spelling and grammatical mistakes in MS Word?
Ans: We might want to use automatic spelling and grammar checking (the wavy red, blue, and green lines) to keep mistakes to a minimum while we work. Keyboard shortcut: F7.
35. How can you add columns to an existing table in MS Word ?
Ans: Select a cell-> select layout tab->from the ROWS and COLUMNS section/group select Insert left button or Insert right button.
36. Describe the keyboard methods for navigating between the cells in a table in MS Word document?
Ans: To move to the next cell : Tab. Previous cell : Shift+ Tab .
37. What is Numbers & Date formatting? How can you apply that in your MS Excel Worksheet?
Ans: Number formatting store number values with decimal places. Date format holds date in a cell. The format can be user specific.
We can apply number and date formatting by selecting a cell and then from the keyboard press Ctrl+1. From the format cell window we can select our desired cell format.
38. What is the default text and number alignment in MS Excel?
Ans: Default text alignment is left and default number alignment is right.
39. How can you move the contents of a cell or a range of cell between worksheets (in different workbooks)
Ans: Select the cells/range of cells and cut( ctrl + X) it to place it to the clipboard. Select the destination worksheet and Click at the location we wish to paste the data and press Ctrl+ V.
40 .Why do you use the absolute cell referencing?
Ans: We use absolute references to refer to cells that we don’t want to change as the formula is copied. References are relative by default, so we would have to type dollar signs, to change the reference type to absolute. Keyboard shortcut F4.
41. What is the difference between data and information?
Data Information
1. Data refers to discrete item. Ex: 32, temperature, highest.
2. Facts, Statistics used for reference or analysis. 1. Collection of meaningful data. Ex: Highest temperature today is 32 degree Celsius.
2. Information is interpreted data.
42. What are queries in MS-Access? Name two types of queries.
Ans. Queries: Queries allow the user to ask complex question from the related tables.
Two types of queries: 1. A select Query 2. A delete Query.
43. What are uses of Reports in MS-Access ?
Ans: Reports is a final step of Database System. A Report is an Object in “MS-Access” that is used to view and print data. Though a Report is similar to a form its specialty lies in special features like help to summarize data.
44. What is a Relational Database?
Ans: Relational Database: A Relational Database is able to store and manipulate data across multiple tables.
45. Write the step for inserting Slides with a particular Slide layout.
Ans: Step: Home tab->New Slide button->Select a particular layout
46. How can you insert a picture (clipart) into a master slide?
Ans: 1st open a presentation file->View Tab->presentation View section->Slide Master->Select the 1st slide-> Insert Tab->within Illustrations section, click on the Clip Art icon->Insert clipart
47. What is slide transition? How can you apply the same slide transition to all the slides at a time?
Definition: A slide transition is the visual motion when one slide changes to the next during a presentation.
 Animation Tab-> Select transition from “transition to this slide” group-> Click on “Apply to All”.
48. What do you know about “Web Browsers”?
Ans: Web Browser: The “Web Browser” allow you to view Web page. Web Browsing application include Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox.
49. What is the advantage of using email?
Ans: The advantage of using email:

    Low cost
    Worldwide portability
    Time zone friendly
    Web-based Email.

50. What is a Digital Signature?
Ans: A Digital signature is a code which is attached to an email to uniquely identify the sender.
51. What is storage media? Write the names of a few commonly used storage media.
Ans: Storage media are devices that store application and user information. These days there are a range of storage media to choose from including CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives, memory cards, internal hard disks, external hard disks, network drives and on-line file storage.
52. What are the definitions for freeware and shareware?
Ans: Freeware: This is software which can be copied or downloaded for free. It is often fully functional. Example-UNIX, LINUX
Shareware: This is where we can use software for a free trial period and after that we have to pay for it .
53. What are the advantages of e-banking?
Ans: The phrase e-banking relates to managing our money online. We can exchange our money from one place to another place by e-banking system. This has the advantage to the bank that costs can be reduced. Some banks are completely online, with no physical branches at all, The customer benefit from 24-hour access to banking services.
54. Describe how you can close an application that is not responding.
Ans: Ctrl + Alt + Delete ->Select Start Task manager->Application Tab->Select application-> click the “End task” button
55. What are computer files?
Ans: A computer file is a block of arbitrary information, or resource for storing information, which is available to a computer program and is usually based on some kind of durable storage.
A computer file is a specific piece of data that is held on a computer system.
56. What are file details? How can you view file details?
Ans: File details refers to file size, file type, create time, read only etc. We can view file details right clicking the file and select properties. Shortcut: alt + Enter.
57. What is file compression? What are the benefits of file compression?
Ans: File compression lets you make the size of files smaller.
This is useful when you need to save space on a disk or when you are sending a file as an email attachment and you want to keep the size of your attachments as small as possible.
58. Discuss about Mail Merge in MS Word?
Ans: The Mail Merge feature is used to insert variable data into a fixed format by combining two files into one file. Two files need to be created before we can merge them; these are the data file and main document file.
59. Describe how you can set custom margins and paper size for an MS Word document.
Ans: Customs Margins: Page Layout->Page Setup->Margins->custom margin
Page size: Page Layout->Page Setup->Size->select paper size
60. How can you insert a picture (available as file in the computer) in a MS Word document?
Ans: Insert Tab -> click picture button -> Select a picture -> click INSERT button.
61. Write down the keyboard shortcut for the following functions of MS Word:-
a) Opening the File Open dialogue box: Ans: Ctrl + O
b) Saving the current document: Ans: Ctrl + S
c) Opening the Print dialogue box: Ans: Ctrl + P
d) Closing the current document: Ans: Ctrl + W
62. What is chart in MS Excel? Name three types of charts?
Ans: charts present data in a visual way that makes it easier to see the meaning behind the numbers.
1. Column chart
2. Line chart
3. Bar chart
63. How can you select a range of cells located next to each other?
Ans: Select the first cell-> shift + Click to the last cell to select the range of cell.
64. What is AutoFill in MS Excel 2007?
Ans: Auto fill is a process in MS Excel which is used to replicate a series of numbers, number and text combination, dates or time periods, Formulas, functions based on a pattern that we establish.
Q.No-65.What is a Function In MS Excel? How can you display the maximum value within the range C4:C9?
Function in MS excel: A function allows you to calculate a result such as adding numbers together, or finding the average of a range of numbers.
Show the maximum value C4:C9 =MAX(C4:C9)
Q.No-66.What are the available data types in MS Access 2007 ?
Ans: Available data types in MS access:1.Text 2.Memo 3.Number 4.Auto number 5.Date/Time 6.Currency 7.OLE Object 8.Attachment 9.Yes/No
Q.No-67. How can you add criteria to an MS Access query?
Ans: we can add criteria in ms access query from the design view of query object. For example: >=01/01/2006 AND <=01/06/2006, >=60, Like “*joh*”
Q.No-68.What are Wildcards?
Ans: Wildcards are special characters that use within a query to specify or exclude certain characters. Wildcard character example %,?,* etc
Q.No-69.What are the uses of database?
Ans: Database mainly used for —
1.A phone Directory 2.To identify criminals and store records.
3. Patients records 4.Tax details e.t.c
Q.No-70.What is slide shorter view in MS PowerPoint?
Ans: Slide shorter view in PowerPoint is a window that displays thumbnail versions of all our slides, arranged in horizontal rows/grids.
Q.No-71. Write the steps to change background color on all the slides within a presentation?
Open MS PowerPoint –> Design Tab-> background style –>format background –>Select color –>apply to all.
Q.No-72. How can you apply automatic slide numbering in your presentation?
Ans: Open MS PowerPoint->Insert Tab-> header & footer->Slide tab->Check the slide number->save our change.
Q.No-73.What is search engine?
Ans: a search engines holds information about pages on websites throughout the internet. It has only information about websites which have been to it, or ones that it has found out about automatically. Ex. Google, Bing, Yahoo etc
Q.No-74.What are the issues to consider when sending file attachments in your mail?

  • Attachments should not contain executable (.exe) files.
  •  Attachments should not contain virus.
  • File size should be less than the declared file size in email.

Q.No-75. What are the full forms of the abbreviations: HTTP, FTP, WWW?
Ans: HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
FTP: File Transfer Protocol.
WWW: World Wide Web.