1. What do you understand by PC, laptop and tablet PC
2. What is the difference between IBM PC and apple computer
3. How PDA works?
5. Computer performance depends on which factors?
6. What is computer memory ?describe any four computer memories
7. How many ways you can store data permanently into the computer?
8. Describe the use of any five input devices
9. Describe the use of five output devices
10. What is software? What is the function of Operating System?
11. Mention any five application programs and their operations.
12. Mention any four accessibility software and their operations.
13. Describe the network types
14. Explain the client/server networks with figure. What are the benefits of using client/server network?
15. What is Internet? What are the usefulness of using Internet?
16. What are the difference between Intranet and Extranet?
17. What are the advantages and disadvantages of dial up and broadband services?
18. What is e commerce? Write the advantages and disadvantages of e commerce.
19. What is e learning? Write the advantages and disadvantages of e learning
20. Describe the term: E banking, E government.
21. What is Teleworking? Write the advantages and disadvantages of Teleworking
22. Describe any five technologies of online communications
23. Mention any five names of virtual communities
24. Which factors we should consider when using computer for long time
25. What is mean by Authentication/Identity
26. Why data security is necessary
27. What are the difference between complete backup and incremental backup?
28. Which issues you have to consider preventing data theft?
29. What is virus how can you protect your computer from virus?
30. What is copyright?
31. What are the copyright issues?
32. What do you understand by site license
33. Define the term: Shareware, Freeware, Open source
34. What is mean by Data Protection and Privacy issue? How can we maintain these?