1 Getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called …
A.   Accessing  
B.  Referencing  
C.  Updating  
D.  Functioning  
2 You can use different page formatting within the same document by separating the differently formatted areas using –
A.   Page Break  
B.  Column Break  
C.  Formatting Break  
D.  Section Break  
4 Which is not related to relationship?
A.   Avoid duplicate data  
B.  Data can be entered into or viewed from one or more tables  
C.  create inconsistency of data  
D.  None  
6 Of the following options, which is/are valid report layout(s)?
A.   Stepped  
B.  Block  
C.  portrait  
D.  Both A & B  
7 Which of the following views does not allow the form to be modified?
A.   Layout view  
B.  Form View  
C.  Design view  
D.  All  
8 In which row of query design grid do we set conditions?
A.   Field  
B.  sort  
C.  criteria  
D.  show  
9 What type of page orientation does a document have when it is laid out so that it is wider than it is tall?
A.   Landscape  
B.  Side  
C.  Horizontal  
D.  Portrait  
10 Access 2007 supports which type of database system?
A.   DBMS  
B.   RDBMS  
C.   Flat file system  
11 To create a relationship what should you do?
A.   Click Insert menu and then click Relationship  
B.  Click Database Tools tab and click Relationship button  
C.  Click Edit menu and then click Relationship  
D.  Press Ctrl + Shift + P  
12 You can insert automatic page numbering to the top of each page in MS Word by clicking on the –
A.   Home tab > Page Number > Top  
B.  Insert tab > Page Number > Top of Page > Choose a style  
C.  View tab > Paging > Number > Header  
D.  Page Layout tab > Indent > Top  
13 Which one of the following statements is not correct related to Index?
A.      An index stores the location of records.  
B.      Index may speed up searches, it can also slow the process of updating data within table.  
C.       You can set index on a field which is seldom used  
D.   You can set index on any fields except OLE objects or attachment fields.  
14 Updating all tables that are dependent upon a main or master table is called
A.   Cascade delete  
B.  Cascade update  
C.  Referential integrity  
D.  None  
15 Which one is correct regarding relationships?
A.   You can not edit or delete relationship.  
B.  Many to Many relationship between tables is considered as an ideal relationship.  
C.  You can not edit table after establishing relationship  
D.  None  
16 Filters remain in place until—
A.   they are removed  
B.  the object is closed  
C.        Both A & B  
D.            Only A  
18 If you want to distribute your document to someone using a totally different word‐processing program from a different software manufacturer, such as WordPerfect, which file-format will you choose when saving the document?
A.   rtf  
B.  doc  
C.  xls  
D.  pdf  
19 In Windows Explorer, for displaying the contents of a certain drive or folder we need to
A.   Click the drive or folder while holding down the Alt key.  
B.  Triple-click the drive or folder.  
C.  Double-click the drive or folder.  
D.  Right-click the drive or folder.  
  20 Which one of the following is not the form view?
A.   Form view  
B.  Datasheet view  
C.  Layout view  
D.  Design view  


23 What is the term used when a clip art image changes the direction of faces?
A.   Group  
B.  Flip  
C.  Rotate  
D.  All of the above  



25 To locate a particular record which of the following options of the navigation bar can we use ?
A.       First  
B.      Specific  
C.    Next  
D.       Last  
26 Which of the following is the unique address for a file/website that is accessible on the Internet?
A.   URL  
B.  HTTP  
C.  HTML  
D.  WWW  
27 Which of the following tool enables you to add text to a slide without using the standard placeholders?
A.   Text box under INSERT menu  
B.  Line tool  
C.  Drawing tool  
D.  Auto shapes tool  


28 Which option(s) can you access by clicking the Office Button of Microsoft Word?
A.   Saving a file  
B.  Opening a file  
C.  Printing the content of a file  
D.  All of the above  


29 In the memo data type you can insert data up to ____ characters.
A.   350  
B.  Unlimited  
C.  10000  
D.  65536
30 Which one of the following is a function of titlebar?
A.   Displays the working information.  
B.  Displays name of the window and/or software program being used.  
C.  Moves a document to any position  
D.  Opens a series of drop down menu.  


32 How can you export a table or query output as an excel spreadsheet?  
A.         Open an access databaseàopen file queriesàClick external data tabàclick Export to XML icon.  
B.  Open an access databaseàopen file queriesàClick external data tabàclick Export to Excel Spreadsheet icon  
C.          Open an access databaseàopen file queriesàClick external data tabàSaved import icon  
D.  None  
33 Which of the following should you use if you want all the slides in the presentation to have the same “look”?  
A.   The slide layout option  
B.  Add a slide option  
C.  Outline view  
D.  A presentation design template  
34 The maximum zoom percentage in Microsoft PowerPoint is  
A.   100%  
B.  200%  
C.  400%  
D.  500%
  36 What is the term used when you press and hold the left mouse key and move the mouse around the slide?
A.   Highlighting  
B.  Dragging  
C.  Selecting  
D.  Moving  



39 Which of the following presentation elements can you modify using the slide master?
A.   Slide comments  
B.  Slide transitions  
C.  Speaker note font and color  
D.  All of above  




40 Objects on the slide that hold text are called
A.   Placeholders  
B.  Object holders  
C.  Auto layouts  
D.  Text holders  



42 What is defined by the handout master?
A.   Slide Formatting  
B.  Layout of Audience Handout notes  
C.  Handout content formatting for Microsoft Word export  
D.  All of above  


43 Which dialogue box lets you set and customize various MS-Word options such as setting the user name, default file location etc.?
A.   “Word Options” dialogue box  
B.  “Document Inspector” dialogue box  
C.  “Save As” dialogue box  
D.  None of the above  



44 If you press ___________, the cell accepts whatever you have typed as its contents.
A.   Enter  
B.  Ctrl+Enter  
C.  Tab  
D.  Insert  



46The slide that is used to introduce a topic and set the tone for the presentation is called the

A.   Table slide  
B.  Graph slide  
C.  Bullet slide  
D.  Title slide  
47 What do you mean by Like” A????”
A.      Entry must be four characters and begin with the letter A  
B.             Entry must be five characters and begin with the letter A  
C.           Entry must be five characters and begin with any letter.  
D.             None  



51 What do you mean by * symbol ?

A.   It represents the column currently selected.  
B.  It represents the row previously selected.  
C.  It represents the row currently selected  
D.  None of the above  
52 Microsoft PowerPoint is a
A.   Database program  
B.  Spreadsheet program  
C.  Presentation program  
D.  Word processing program  







56 Which of the following icons on your Desktop most likely represent an application?
A.   My Documents  
B.  My Computer  
C.  My Network Place  
D.  Internet Explorer  


57 Which of the following provides a printed copy of your presentation?

A.   Outline  
B.  Speaker notes  
C.  Handouts  
D.  All of the above  


59 The PowerPoint view that displays only text (title and bullets) is
A.   Slide show  
B.  Slide sorter view  
C.  Notes page view  
D.  Outline view  



60 When a label is too long to fit within a MS Excel Worksheet cell, you typically must
A.   Shorten the label  
B.  Increase the column width  
C.  Decrease the column width  
D.  Adjust the row height  


61 In the table when you are inserting the data, the power suddenly goes off. What will happen?

A.   All data is lost  
B.  A few data is lost  
C.  All data is save  
D.  A few data is save  

67 To add a header or footer to your handout, you can use

A.   The Title master  
B.  The Slide master  
C.  The Handout master  
D.  All of above  


71 The wildcard ‘[ ]’ refers to
 A.     Matches any single alphabetic character within a string.  
 B.  Matches any single character within the brackets  
 C.  Matches any character not defined within the brackets  
 D.  Matches any one of a range of characters defined within the brackets  
72 To insert unique and sequential data automatically which data type can we use?
 A.   OLE  
 B.        Attachment  
 C.       Text  
 D.        AutoNumber  
73 An index is automatically created on
 A.   Primary key field  
 B.  Foreign key field  
 C.  Id Number  
 D.  All of them  
74 Which of the following is the primary data repository in Access database?
 A.   Queries  
 B.  Form  
 C.  Table  
 D.  Report  
76 Which of the following is/are database objects?
 A.   Table  
 B.  Query  
 C.  Form  
 D.  All  



79 Which one of the following stores the whole value entered but only displays the number up to two decimal places?
 A.   General Number  
 B.  Fixed  
 C.  Standard  
 D.  Currency  




83 To configure the properties of an object in MS-Access 2007, which of the following can we use?
 A.   Datasheet view  
 B.  Design view  
 C.  Table view  
 D.  Print preview  


Bottom of Form

85 Null value is allowed in
 A.   Unique key field  
 B.  Primary key field  
 C.  Foreign key field  
 D.  Both A& C