1. In the e-mail address annsmith@revco.com which part of the address is annsmith
a. Domain.

b. Username.

c. Host.

d. Subdomain.

2. What is a distribution list?
a. A list of e-mails with attachments.
b. A list of recipients on an e-mail mailing list.
c. A list of messages in the inbox.
d. A list of sent e-mails.

3. Which one of the following is a digital certificate?
a. A program that allows the regular update of the antivirus program on a computer.
b. A program that searches for an Internet connection.
c. A program that refreshes web pages.
d. A program that provides an assurance that software downloaded
from the Internet comes from a trustworthy source.

4. Which one of the following is an advantage of e-mail?

a. E-mail messages are always easy to locate.
b. E-mail is a low cost way to send messages worldwide.
c. E-mail is always a secure means of sending messages.
d. E-mail eliminates the need for conventional surface mail.

5. A Chat Room is an example of which one of the following?

a. A Voice over Internet Protocol.
b. A podcast.
c. Phishing.
d. An online virtual community.

6. Which of the following is not a search engine?

a. Alta Vista
b. MSN
c. HotBot
d. Hotmail


7. Which of the following is the unique address for a file/website that is accessible on the Internet?

a. WWW




8. What is /are true about FTP?

a.FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol

b.FTP is used by the Internet Browsers to download large files.

c.CUTE FTP is a famous program that takes care of FTP transfer process.

d.Above all.

9.Default web browser in Windows is………?

a.Internet Explorer

b.Netscape Navigator


d.Above all.

10.Which of the following is /are the advantages of using e-mail?

a.Speedy and secure info transfer

b.Low cost

c.World wide availability

d.Mozilla firefox

11. Which of the following system consist with software and hardware and gives protection against fraudulent attacks done via internet?




d.Anti spy-ware system

12.By which system commercial transactions become secured over the net?

a.Site protection


c.Digital Certification


13.The web site that allows controlled access only is called…..

a.Commercial site

b.Confidential site

 c.Protected site

d.None of the above

14. Which of the following is not used to jump quickly to a new destination within the internet?



b.Web browser

a.Search Engine

15.The software that allows us to view HTML file/document which is stored in web is





14.The way of stealing valuable information using a form of Internet fraud that uses a replica of a trusted site is called





15. Which of the following is not done by the cookies?

d.Stores validation information about us for members-only web sites.

c.Stores Pictures or even the entire web page on the hard disk.

b.Stores the Information about online purchases.

a.Storing the Information of a web site visiting date and time in a small text file.