Oracle 10g Forms Descriptive
Chapter 1
1.What is forms service?
2.What is oracle forms developer?
3.What are the three tiers used by oracle forms services?
Chapter 2
1.What is OC4J?
2.How do you start & stop OC4J?
3.What is meant by forms servlet?
4.What are the three primary functions of forms client?
5.What are the meant by forms listener servlet?
6.Write two main modes of operation of forms builder?
7.What is meant by forms runtime engine?

Chapter 3
1.What do you know about forms builder?
2.Write down the benefits of forms builer?
3.Write the name of forms developer module types?
4.Write the name of builder major components?
5.Write the three major objects in a form?
6.What is data block?
7.What control block?
8.What do you know about single record & multiple records blocks?
9.What do you know about master details blocks?
10.What are the major components of forms builder?

Chapter 4
1.What is data block functionality?

Chapter 5
1.Briefly mention about join condition?
2.How we define join condition?Define a join condition using?
3.Briefly mention about master details relationship?

Chapter 6
1.Write down the name of data block property groups?

Chapter 7
1.What is a text item?
2.How can you create text item?
3.Write the name of properties and their functionalities of text items?

Chapter 8
1.What is LOVs editors?
2.Write down the benefits of LOVs?
3.Briefly mention about record group?
4.What is relation of record group with LOVs?

Chapter 9
1.What is a check box?
2.What are the input items?
3.What do you do with input items?
4.What is list items?
5.What are the three types of list items?
6.what are the benefits to use list items?
7.what are radio groups?
8.Write down the benefits of radio groups?

Chapter 10
1.What do you mean by non input item?What are the non input items?
2.What do you know by display item?What are the vorious ways of creating display items?
3.What is an image item?
4.what do you know about push button?Describe differnt type of push button?
5.what are calculated items?What are the vorious ways of creating calculated items?

Chapter 11
1.what do you mean by window & canvas?
2.What is view port?
3.What is content canvas?What are the relationship between windows & content canvas?
4.What are the stacked canvas?
Chapter 12
1.Write down the uses and benefits of stacked canvases?
2.What is toolbar canvas?
3.Write down the benefits of stacked canvas?

Chapter 13
1.Write the catagories of triggers based on their functions?
2.Write the catagories of triggers based on their names?

Chapter 14
1.what are the main components of triggers?
2.What do you mean by trigger scope?What are the posible trigger scope?
3.What do you mean the trigger components of PL/SQL editor?
4.What are the three sections of PL/SQL code block?

Chapter 15
1.What are the debugging process components?
2.Write the debugging tips to solve a problem?

Chapter 17
1.What is an error messages?
2.What is system alert?
3.What do you understand by SHOW_ALERT function?
4.How do obtain quiry information at run time?

Chapter 18
1.Define pre quiry & post quiry trigger?
2.Write down about one_time_where and where_clause?

Chapter 19
1.What are the validation level?
2.What is status available for tracking form validation?
3.When validation record trigger occured?

Chapter 20
1.When do pre navigation and post navigation trigger fire?
2.When don’t pre navigation and post navigation trigger fire?
3.What happen when a navigation trigger fails?

Chapter 21
1.What are the characteristics of following commit trigger?
2.What are the common uses of commit trigger?
3.What are the rules of DML commit trigger?
4.What are the array DML?What are the effect of array DML on transactional triggers?
5.What ate the phases of transactional trigger?

Chapter 22
1.What is flexible code?What are the benefits of flexible code?
2.What is the reason of using object ID?

Chapter 23
1.What are the benefits of reusing objects and code?
2.What is property class?Why we use property class?
3.What is object library?What are benefits of object library?
4.What is PL/SQL library?

Chapter 24
1.What is WEBUTIL?
2.Write down the benefits of WEBUTIL?

Chapter 25
1.Write down benefits of multiple form applictions?
2.How can share data among modules?