Chapter -1

  1. What is Business Intelligence? 1-3
  2. What is oracle Reports developer? 1-20

Chapter -2

  1. Write down the Different ways to run a report? 2-13
  2. What are the supported file types of report? 2-19


  1. What are the components of report editor? 3-13
  2. What are the Oracle reports Environment variables? 3-24


  1. What is the Paper Design? 5-3
  2. What are the common modifications of Report? 5-5


  1. What are the use of report templates? 6-3


  1. What is JSP Technology? 7-3
  2. What are the supported Image formats in reports? 7-17
  3. Advantage of JSP technology?
  4. Web source view?
  5. What  are  the  JSP tags & Oracle tags?


  1. What is group filter? 8-20
  2. Discribe the two type of group filters? 8-20
  3. List the data model objects?
  4. What is the  effect of changing the break order in the lowest group?


  1. What is pluggable data source? 9-5
  2. What is ref Cursor? 9-28
  3. What is data links? 9-32
  4. What is XML?
  5. List the query type in reports?


  1. What is Data model Column? 10-3
  2. What properties apply specifically to summary columns? 10-11
  3. Describe Formula Column? 10-18
  4. What is Placeholder column? 10-20
  5. Define file column and summery column?


  1. Write the name of paper layout section?
  2. What are the objects available in the paper layout?
  3. Describe header, main ,trailer section?


  1. What are the common properties are the available for layout objects?
  2. What types of objects sizing is available ?


  1. Describe categories  of web report?


1.Why we use XML reports?

  1. Debugging XML reports?


I.            What is user parameters?

II.            What is bind reference?

III.            What is lexical parameters?

IV.            What are the difference between bind and lexical parameters?

V.            How we reference a parameter in a query?

VI.            What can’t you use bind references?


I.            What is rw:graph?

II.            What are the properties of rw:graph?


I.            How many groups are  created by wizard for a simple matrix syle?


  1. Describe of oracle reports triggers?
  2. Describe the uses of group filter?


  1. Define SRW package?
  2. Write the content of SRW packages?
  3. What are the uses of SRW report package?


  1. What are the benefits of oracle as reports services?
  2. What do you understand by reports caching?
  3. What is the query manager?
  4. What are the uses of query manager?