1 Microsoft PowerPoint is a
A.   Database program  
B.  Spreadsheet program  
C.  Presentation program  
D.  Word processing program  



3 In the table when you are inserting the data, the power suddenly goes off. What will happen?
A.   All data is lost  
B.  A few data is lost  
C.  All data is save  
D.  A few data is save  




6 The maximum zoom percentage in Microsoft PowerPoint is
A.   100%  
B.  200%  
C.  400%  
D.  500%  





1 Which of the following presentation elements can you modify using the slide master?
A.   Slide comments  
B.  Slide transitions  
C.  Speaker note font and color  
D.  All of above  





4 The PowerPoint view that displays only text (title and bullets) is
A.   Slide show  
B.  Slide sorter view  
C.  Notes page view  
D.  Outline view  



6 To add a header or footer to your handout, you can use
A.   The Title master  
B.  The Slide master  
C.  The Handout master  
D.  All of above  
1 The Paste Special command lets you copy and paste:
A.   The resulting values of a formula instead of the actual formula  
B.  Cell comments  
C.  Formatting options  
D.  All of the above  












7 Of the following options, which is/are valid report layout(s)?
A.   Stepped  
B.  Block  
C.  portrait  
D.  Both A & B  




1 What is defined by the handout master?
A.   Slide Formatting  
B.  Layout of Audience Handout notes  
C.  Handout content formatting for Microsoft Word export  
D.  All of above  


2 Yoy want to insert your logo in the same position on every slide, automatically? Insert it on the
A.   Handout master  
B.  Notes master  
C.  Slide master  
D.  All of the above  


3 Objects on the slide that hold text are called
A.   Placeholders  
B.  Object holders  
C.  Auto layouts  
D.  Text holders  


4 In order to edit a chart in a Power Point presentation, you can
A.   Triple click the chart object  
B.  Click and drag the chart object  
C.  Double click the chart object  
D.  Click the chart object  


5 Which of the following can you use to add times to the slides in a presentation?
A.   Slide show menu  
B.  Rehearse timings button under Slide Show Menu  
C.  Slide transition button  
D.  All of the above  







1 Which of the following should you use if you want all the slides in the presentation to have the same “look”?
A.   The slide layout option  
B.  Add a slide option  
C.  Outline view  
D.  A presentation design template  



3 Which one of the following is a function of titlebar?
A.   Displays the working information.  
B.  Displays name of the window and/or software program being used.  
C.  Moves a document to any position  
D.  Opens a series of drop down menu.  


4 You can create a new presentation by completing all of the following except
A.   Clicking Home , New Slide  
B.  Clicking Office button, new  
C.  Clicking file open  
D.  Pressing ctrl + N  


5 To select one hyperlink after another during a slide presentation, what do you press?
A.   Tab  
B.  Ctrl + K  
C.  Ctrl + h  
D.  All of above  






10 The slide that is used to introduce a topic and set the tone for the presentation is called the
A.   Table slide  
B.  Graph slide  
C.  Bullet slide  
D.  Title slide  


2 Which of the following tool enables you to add text to a slide without using the standard placeholders?
A.   Text box under INSERT menu  
B.  Line tool  
C.  Drawing tool  
D.  Auto shapes tool  







8 How can you create a uniform appearance by adding a background image to all slides?
A.   Create a template  
B.  Edit the Slide master under VIEW menu  
C.  Use the Autocorrect wizard  
D.  All of the above  
4 Which is not related to relationship?
A.   Avoid duplicate data  
B.  Data can be entered into or viewed from one or more tables  
C.  create inconsistency of data  
D.  None